2016 - 2019

Where did the butterflies go?. This ordinary sentence was the starting point of this work. Pronounced distinctly by my two-year-old son during his restless sleep because of a heavy night fever, these few words triggered on me a long reflection on how we protect our children from the world. This reassuring cocoon, but unfortunately precarious, is inevitably meant to be broken by the hazards of life. Following these events of misfortune, our perception of the world is altered and we are forced to grow up, to get ourselves back together or to look at things through a new perspective.

Chrysalises presents anonymous stories about intimate events that changed people’s worldview. These events, transcribed as anecdotes, coexist with visual interpretations of suspended moments where the mundane seems to have shifted in a slightly different direction.

Maison Abandonnée
Léo couché
Maison Kamouraska
Chaises renversées
Aiguebelle arbre mort
Stephanie derrière le rideau
Avion en papier
Voiture fenêtre cassée
Lac rimouski
Livre un jour avant
Pneu suspendu Magog
Linge suspendu
Stephanie et Léo
Abre close-up Ornex
Déforestation Gaspé

Guillaume Tomasi

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